How to Make Delicious Dandelion Leaf Pesto


Pesto. Too delicious for words, right? And although serving it on pasta is still my favourite way to eat it, I enjoy it on potatoes, pizza, sandwiches, and as a dip.

When you think pesto, do you think basil? Yes, basil is traditional, but pesto can be made with just about any herb, with garlic scapes,.and with foraged greens like nettle. (Garlic is classified as either softneck or hardneck. Hardneck garlic, which is generally grown in the north, forms curly flower stalks called scapes and can be used to make a fantastic garlic scape pesto.)

If left on the plant, the curly stem forms a seed head. Cutting, or snapping off the scapes when they are young provides a wonderful, tender vegetable with a mild garlic flavor. They may be chopped and stir fried, or left whole like asparagus.

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